NetOx Manifold

NetOx Manifold is a simple device for distribution of oxygen in large open cages with / without sea lice skirts, in closed cages, in holding cages and at stress inducing operations, such as parasite treatment, and in emergency situations.

Connection of the manifold to the oxygen distribution hoses and diffusers is a simple operation and described in the attached user’s instruction.

Ready to use
The system is delivered ready for use. The manifold is connected to the oxygen battery via the main supply hose. From the manifold, the oxygen passes through five branch hoses, each connected to a NetOx diffuser hose. All of it is pulled out for use and the diffusers are spread by means of a pulling rope. It is important to cover the whole area.

Handling of fish 

During crowding of fish before pumping to well boat or at other stressing operations, it is important to provide enough oxygen before, during and especially after handling. NetOx Manifoil is well suited for this purpose.

Bath treatment

Bath treatment against parasites is a stressful operation for fish. NetOx Manifoil is a simple and suitable solution for oxygen addition.

NetOx Manifold models:

NetOx Manifold 100: capacity – 33 kg O2 / hour

– five branches and 100 meter NetOx diffuser
With manifold supply hose, 5 x 15 meter distribution hose and 5 x 20 meter NetOx diffuser

NetOx Manifold 150: capacity – 50 kg O2 / hour

– five branches and 150 meter NetOx diffuser
With manifold supply hose, 5 x 15 meter distribution hose and 5 x 30 meter NetOx diffuser

Technical data

NetOx material: EPDM
Opening pressure: 1 bar
Dimension / outer dim: DN 16/25
Material in the supply hose: EPDM
Supply hose dim: DN 13
Recommended maximum output: 0.35 kg O2 / m / t
Manifold material: AISI 316 acid-proof steel

The device consists of a distribution pipe, supply hose and NetOx patented diffuser hose.

NetOx ensures oxygen utilization using manifold