Bio Marine AS (public registration number 915 846 785), through the general manager, is responsible
for the storage and processing of personal information in Bio Marine AS.
Bio Marine AS is a specialist company that offers products and systems solutions for environmental
management in fish farming and especially for farming in sea pens. Bio Marine AS has a
strong focus on processing all personal information properly and in accordance with applicable
laws and regulations. This privacy statement provides information about Bio Marine AS processing
of personal inofrmation.

• A person is an identifiable physical person, such as a customer or contact person.
• Personal information is information directly or indirectly related to a Person.
• The treatment manager is the one who defines the purpose of processing personal data and
has agreements with persons.
• A Data Processor processes Personal Data on behalf of the Coordinator. The treatment is
governed by a Data Processor Agreement (DBA) between the Process Manager and the
Data Processor.
• Anonymous data is data where all identifiers are removed, which makes it impossible to associate
the data with a person.

Bio Marine AS is responsible for:
• Customers and recipients of newsletters.
• Contact partners and suppliers.
Examples of treatment activities are:
• Manage list of recipients of newsletters.
• Exercise individual rights such as access, correction of information, etc.
• Provide information, newsletters, and other customized marketing.
• Notify about changes to the services or terms.
• Answer requests or questions related to the Services, Terms, or Processing of Personal Information.

Personal information processed and stored is:
• Contact details such as name, title, email, phone number, etc.
Bio Marine AS may combine personal information collected by various services as long as the
information is collected for the same purpose.
All treatment activities have a legal basis for treatment, for example:

• To comply with the agreement for the use of the services Bio Marine AS offers, for example,
in connection with the administration of a database for recipients of newsletters or to notify of
changes to the agreement.
• Explicit consent.
• Observe a legal obligation Bio Marine AS is subject to, for example, storage due to statutory
accounting rules.
• To safeguard Bio Marine AS’s legitimate interests (assuming the interests of individuals), for
example in connection with the improvement of services, to defend a legal claim, to prevent
loss or damage, to prevent acts that may compromise Personal Data.
Individuals can at any time:
• Retract consent to treatment activities based on consent.
• Get access to their Personal Information.
• Change their Personal Information.
• Request for deletion of your Personal Information.
• Ask for limitation or protest against treatment.
• Request for transfer of your Personal Information.
• Exit recipients of newsletters.

Bio Marine AS keeps personal information as long as necessary to fulfill the treatment purpose.
Basically, data for recipients of newsletters is deleted or an agreement is terminated. Legislative
rules, for example, related to storage for accounting purposes, and other legal obligations
may make it necessary to store personal Information for a long time. Continued storage may
also take place when it is necessary to safeguard Bio Marine AS’s legitimate interests, such as
making current or defending legal requirements.