Work light

Bio Marine delivers light fixtures that are suitable for work and construction. Luminaires and electronics are selected and built for harsh environments, based on quality components from reputable suppliers. Our LED lights are based on many years of experience with work lights and will not affect the fish.

Our standard light fixture that provides a white light that has proven effective and comfortable for the staff. The light has its own built-in automatic protection against overheating.

The light source equipped with programmable Meanwell drivers that can be used for optimization and reflector control. The energy consumption is about 1/10 compared to halogen lights with the same brightness.

Technical data

Power: 300 W
Double fuse: YES
Colour: White
Light output: 110 lm / W
Radiation angle: 70 x 150 °
Life expectancy:> 50,000 hours
Enclosure: Anodized aluminum
Degree of protection: IP 66
Voltage: 90-260 V, 50/60 Hz
Power factor:> 0.92
Power supply cable: 3 x 1.5 mm
Standard cable length: 10 m

The fixture provides good scattering of light. Powerful LED light for placement both outside and inside. The unit is equipped with white LED lights that provides good work light.

The construction is designed to have an efficient cooling of the LED lights and is operated at reduced power to ensure long life and operation free of interference. The unit has a built-in driver and comes with a connection cable.