The companies Kystteknikk and Bio Marine have initiate cooperation agreements on sale and installation of Valøyluka. In combination with acoustic feed level meters, Bio Marine offers solutions that allow for more efficient logistics and less manual work during feed handling.

The company Kystteknikk has made a strong contribution to more efficient operation of feed rafts.  Its Valøyluka is turning delivery of fish feed into a simple operation, without any need for manual work. When the feed boat lowers the filling hose in the hatch, it opens and closes automatically.

Valøyluka is also an important contributor to health & security for workers at sea by removing a work operation that often takes place in the evening and at night.

– It started with Guttorm Enoksen at Marine Harvest coming to us with some sketches. They needed someone to develop the idea further. The first hatch was produced in 2014, and we have since delivered more than 1000 hatches. Valøyluka is almost an industry standard, says Vebjørn Gullbrandsen at Kystteknikk.

Valøyluka has its own mechanism that allows it to open and close when the feed boat lowers the filling hose.

In order to strengthen marketing and increase the capacity of installation, Kystteknikk has entered into a collaboration with Bio Marine, which will take care of these tasks for new customers. 

– We have our hands full with production. It is an advantage for us to hand over sales and installation to a partner who often has people on the feed rafts. The collaboration will make an affordable and smart hatch even more competitive, says Gullbrandsen.

Feed levels

The reason why Bio Marine wants Valøyluka in its product range is that it fits very well into the rest of the selection.

Feed meters installed at fish farms in Norway

– We are installing an increasing number of feed meters on rafts, and with Valøyluka we can offer a complete solution fully assembled, which is also technically simpler to install. Combined, the products will contribute to almost full automation of the logistics on feed rafts, says Nils Hovden at Bio Marine.

Effective operation of feed stock has, according to Nils Hovden at Bio Marine, represented a small challenge for many fish farms.

– There are great gains in efficient store management and to refill the store at the right time. With a good feed level meter and Valøyluka the customer will achieve just that, says Nils Hovden at Bio Marine.

The companies Kystteknikk and Bio Marine are already in the process of planning integrated solutions that will be able to simplify the installation further.

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