Secures water circulation inside lice skirts

Use of deep lice skirts demonstrate efficiently reduced intrusion of lice in sea cages. Lice skirts can also protect from amoebae and algae. It is desirable for many cage farms to use lice skirts throughout the production cycle, however, such skirts limit the water exchange and increases the risk of oxygen deficit. 

TurboLift, our newly developed and patented product, is designed to diminish environmental problems in sea lice cages.

More effective than other aeration systems

Turbolift provides a more comprehensive and efficient water exchange in the cage. Measurements and experience clearly display that Turbolift is more efficient than an open air diffuser system.

Water is replaced 12-24 times /day
Dilutes and removes the lice that are inside the cage
Increases oxygen concentration
Improves general environmental conditions 
Contributes to more stable temperature

The pumped water from TurboLift will be distributed efficiently at the surface of the cage due to the buoyancy force of the air bubbles. Consequently, a major part of the cage’s water volume will be continuously exchanged.

 «We tested the TurboLift 10 weeks ahead of harvest in August and see that the system delivered a lot of water to the skirt volume. Significantly higher oxygen values were measured in this cage compared to neighboring cages.

Kristoffer Bendiksen, operations manager, Salmar.

A diffuser, for example, in open water would essentially move the water horizontally and outwards. Turbolift has the ability to efficient move water from the deep, upwards and vertically. This provides better water exchange in the cage, with less interference and more energy efficient transportation of water. This more efficient transport of deep water allows ”Flushing” of the water volume within the cage.