Eyvi recently entered into an agreement with Bio Marine to supply emergency oxygen systems to the land-based facility being built at Rjukan. Illustration: Hima Seafood

Delivers systems for emergency oxygen to Rjukan

The company Eyvi has chosen an emergency system from Bio Marine for Hima Seafood Rjukan. At Hima Seafood's land-based facility in Rjukan, emergency oxygenation is seen as part of fish welfare.

Hima Seafood's new RAS plant in Rjukan will, in full operation, produce 9,000 tonnes of trout per year, from eggs to market ready fish, within 17 months. The plant will thus become the world's largest of its kind and its operation is based on 99.7% recycling (RAS).

Emergency systems for the passive supply of oxygen from the tank are installed in all breeding tanks - from the hatchery onwards to even the purge tanks.

Recently, Hima Seafood entered into an agreement with Bio Marine in Surnadal for the supply of equipment for emergency oxygenation of the tanks. There are three different types of solutions that all take up little space and are portable.

- We really liked the design of the equipment itself, in addition to the short installation time. The equipment will provide sufficient capacity in a neat and fine format, which means that we also reduce obstacles in the vessels. This is beneficial for the tank environment at the same time that fish welfare is safeguarded, says site manager Kasper Uppstad MacDonald at Eyvi, who is responsible for the construction and will deliver the facility turnkey.

With such a high degree of recycling and significant amounts of biomass, demands are placed on capacity and gas exchange. In the largest tanks, a new type of diffuser pod will come into its own.

- If there is a power cut or a pump should stop, the systems are designed to keep the fish alive until the systems are up and running again, says Macdonald.

It was especially the technical solutions that made the difference when choosing a supplier, alongside the experience in the delivery of systems for adding oxygen to large tanks. High competence in biology and water chemistry also weighed heavily.

- Bio Marine has shown an ability to assist us in the process. They have demonstrated a high level of service and attention, always updated. They are always there when we have questions or other needs, says site manager Kasper Uppstad MacDonald at Eyvi.

- We have worked closely with the customer to adapt the solutions to the plant, we are naturally proud to be able to contribute to an exciting project, says Sveinung Alvestad at Bio Marine.

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