Statt Torsk has entered into an agreement with Bio Marine about renting underwater lights. The photo shows the cod farm site Stokkeneset in Stad municipality 

Statt Torsk and Bio Marine signs long-term lighting agreement

Statt Torsk and Bio Marine newly signed a six-year agreement about renting underwater lights in cod farming. The main goal is to secure control of the sexual maturation. 

Light is possibly the most important input factor in cod aquaculture since light plays a key role for delayed sexual maturation. Recently, Statt Torsk signed an agreement with Bio Marine about renting underwater lights in cod farming as a measure to ensure efficient production.

- Light is crucial for good growth and desired quality of the final product. The goal of the agreement is to ensure adequate light to avoid sexually mature cod. At the same time, we open for a closer cooperation to develop better solutions, says production manager at Statt Torsk, Jan Christian Ervik, in the press release. 

The agreement is based on a well-established custom relationship during several years where Bio Marine has demonstrated delivery of high-quality lights that have met our expectations, he continuous. 

- The light has met our requirements as regards performance, life- time and technical quality. If supplementation was needed, the response time was satisfying. This agreement raises the cooperation to a higher level and we always know the exact costs in advance, says Ervik. 

Bio Marine says that the agreement enables the company to pay more attention in Statt Torsk and plan for future deliveries which is favourable for the company’s long-term purchases and production plans.

- We appreciate their trust in us. We have worked with light for cod farming for some years and consider it an exciting sector with many skilled actors. We look forward to a closer cooperation with Statt Torsk and to join them on a long journey ahead, says Nils Hovden at Bio Marine.

The lease agreement implies that Statt Torsk gets a buffer stock available to meet the need for replacement. It also includes life extension of the products through repairs and correct waste management and source sorting. The agreement also deals with seasonal control of the light intensity in the cages and at fluctuating fish biomass. 

- Our goal is to offer our customers solutions that provide the required amount of light to prevent sexual maturation at the lowest possible cost. As an Eco-Lighthouse organisation we always look for opportunities to reduced our footprints. We want to increase our sustainability by repair and recycling. Both parts want to reduce their costs and consider improved sustainability to be a profitable attempt, Hovden finally says.

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