Guardian wireless monitoring for sea cages

Guardian is a wireless system for monitoring and logging of environmental data in fish farming: Dissolved oxygen, temperature, salinity, turbidity and current conditions.  Guardian can be configured with up to three different or identical probes, totally optional according to the selected parameter and measure depth.

Guardian consists of measuring buoys and charging stations and comes with a completed website where you log in to view the measurements, no installation is required. The Guardian buoys can also be reprogrammed with SMS while in function.

Guardian makes it easy to achieve updated information about the conditions in the cages. Measurement data are sent with GSM to database in the cloud. The program arranges data in different ways and stores statistical information that can be presented at regular time interval - daily, weekly, monthly, half-yearly or yearly. The sensors need no calibration or service. Guardian is equipped with the best advanced measurement technology, wireless communication and battery technology.

Build your own Guardian as needed, here are some examples:

Build your own Guardian as needed, here some examples:

xO2 Guardian: oxygen and temperature
SA Guardian: salinity and temperature

NB Guardian can be delivered with up to three sensors, similar or different.


Technical data

Reading: In
Sensor: Optical and maintenance-free
Height: 80 cm
Width: 12 cm
Operating time battery: Typical 12 months
Charging time: 24-35 hours
Operating temperature: From +1 to +40 °C
Accuracy: 1% of reading
Sensor check: Automatic self-diagnosis
Measurement range: 10% - 200%

The Guardian is built into robust buoys and is equipped with optical drop sensors with 15 meter cable as standard. The measurements are sent wirelessly with GSM to database in the cloud.

Measurements can be viewed on the website with simple menus and measurements.