Aqualux cage light 600/2500 W

LED light is a well-known attempt to delay maturation and prolong the growth period in fish. Aqualux LED is used for light control of smolt and further grow-out to harvest in sea cages. Proper use of light will bring you benefits in terms of later maturation, better growth and higher slaughtering meat quality.

Aqualux LED light attracts the fish and surpresses pre-harvest sexual maturation. Good light management has a major impact on the financial outcome. Supplementary light provides increased growth, shorter production cycle, reduced mortality, better fish health and extended feeding days in the dark season.


Technical data

Input: 200-260 volts
Radiation angle: 360 °
Function temperature: -20 °C - 80 °C
Life expectancy: 50,000 hours
Housing: Acid-resistant steel, Suspension cover of PEHD
Degree of protection: IP 68
Maximum depth: 100 m
Power factor: 0.95
Materials: POM + SMD + Acrylic
Standard cable length: 50 m

 “With underwater light from Bio Marine we have very little maturation and very good growth.

Kjell-Arne Raaum,
production manager Salmonor AS.

Crown solution 2500 W for placement in the middle of the cage. You only need one light per cage.

An alternative to a central crown is 3-4 smaller units of 600 W.