Tarpaulins for parasite treatment

We provide both standard and customized tarpaulins for parasite treatment. Our solutions are based on more than 25 years of cooperation with the aquaculture industry. We have fabrics in both standard polyester and air-bag quality.

We provide 3 types of designs: Flat, muffin and hybrid. All have reinforced top edge in PVC, with 100 mm ribbon / webbing in polyester with 13-tensile strength and solid lifting points that consist of heavy steel rings.

The tarpaulins are provided with colour tags on ribbon / webbing and marking around the entire circumference. The tarpaulins can be supplied with 8, 16 or 32 continuous straps, depending on the size of the tarpaulin and the customer's wishes.


The muffin model is a popular variant that was launched in 2010 and has gradually become industry standard. It is easy to put out as it is form-fitting and spreads out like a sail when it's twisted around.


Flat cover is the original full cover that was launched in the 1980s. It is pancake shaped and is delivered to all types of cages.


Hybrid is a further development of tip depression (china hat) and is used for pens with conical bottom. It reduces the risk that fish can get caught in the tip.

All tarpaulins are delivered with volume calculus.

Tarpaulin models:

Material   Weight g/m2          Colour
Polyester        300                    Several alternatives
Coated PA      240                    Several alternatives

Good product features

- High strength
- Colour codes for handling
- Straps all-through
- Form stitch as desired
- Float ropes mounted

Parasite treatment and oxygenation with NetOx Drum.

Parasite treatment with tarpaulin and oxygenation with NetOx Drum.