Smartoxy hand held water quality meter

Robust gauge of size with a mobile phone, easy measurement and wireless reporting via WiFi. Simultaneous measurement of temperature and oxygen. Sensors for salinity, pH, ORP (Redox) and turbidity can be additionally ordered. Reliable results even in stagnant water (optical measurement, does not consume oxygen). Suitable for measurement in all types of water, seawater, process water, m.m. Perfect for use in e.g. aquaculture and the aquaculture industry. Water and dustproof (IP67).


Few buttons, simple menus and easy calibration.
Allows you to define different test points by name, and saves the measurement results with name of test point, date and time.
Temperature measurement and automatic temperature compensation, as well as automatic compensation for salinity and atmospheric pressure (manually entered values).
Optical sensor for measuring temperature and oxygen, either in ppm (mg / l), or saturation level (%).
Sensors for measuring salinity, pH, ORP (Redox) and turbidity can be additionally ordered.
The meter automatically recognizes the associated sensor.
Measurements are stored on the instrument, or sent to a password-protected website for visualization and analysis via WiFi (included in the instrument price).
Shows results in the display as a table or graph, by selecting measurement as well as start and end date for the analysis.
It is also possible to download all measurement data in Excel format for analysis on a PC.

Main features
• Displays dissolved oxygen levels in ppm and in% saturation
• Temperature in ° C
• Data transfer to internet database
• Rechargeable battery with wireless technology
• Storage of measurements
• RFID tag detector

• Solid, robust and waterproof instrument (IP67)
• Large screen that displays data across multiple lines
• Rechargeable Li-ion battery with wireless charging on charging plate
• The instrument comes with a wireless charging plate (230V)
• User manuals in English and Norwegian
• Supplied as standard with optical titanium sensor (dissolved oxygen) Sensors for salinity, pH, ORP (Redox) and turbidity can be additionally ordered.
• Results are stored on an instrument or on a password-protected website via WiFi
• Measurement results can be downloaded to PC in excel format from website
• Waterproof (IP68) quick connection for sensor (quick switching between different sensors)
• Several cable lengths available on request Oxygen sensor
• Reliable concentration value (optical measurement) Dimensions: diameter 22mm length 150mm
• 5, 10 - or 15 m cable
• Easy maintenance with longer calibration intervals
• No electrolyte replenishment
• Mechanical protection of the diaphragm to avoid damage
• Titanium sensor housing ensures that the sensor is not affected by seawater
• Easily replaceable membrane hood Other sensors / measurement parameters
• Salinity
• pH
• ORP (Redox)
• Turbidity

High quality handheld instrument for measuring water quality outdoor. Robust, waterproof design and digital smart sensors provide extremely high reliability and flexibility.

Technical specifications:
Type: Optical oxygen sensor
• Material: Titanium
• Degree of protection: IP68
• Solution: 0.01 mg / l
• Accuracy: ± 0.2 mg / l <5 mg / l, ± 0.3 mg / l> 5 mg / l
• Temperature sensor: Integrated
• Interface: RS485 Modbus
• Power supply: 12 Volts
• Maximum current: 2W
• Dimensions: 130x80x35 mm
• Waterproof IP 67