NetOx Drum

Addition of large volume of oxygen requires equipment with sufficient capacity. NetOx Drum makes it easy and efficient to add oxygen during parasite treatment or in acute situations.

NetOx Drum is mainly used for treatment against parasites, but also at high sea temperatures, emergency situations, and for oxygen supply in holding cages before slaughter or in other situations where stressing conditions cause high oxygen demand. The network of diffuser hoses covers a large area and is quickly pulled off. Once the addition of oxygen is complete, the diffusers are easily wound back on the drum.

NetOx Drum models:

NetOx Drum 200

Output: 70 kg/h
10 diffusers of 20 meters and 10 supply hoses of 15 meters

NetOx Drum 300

Output: 105 kg/h
10 diffusers of 30 meters and 10 supply hoses of 15 meters

NetOx Drum 600

Output: 210 kg/h
20 diffusers of 30 meters and 20 supply hoses of 20 meters

Technical data

NetOx material: EPDM
Opening pressure: <1 bar
Dimension / outer dim: DN 16/25
Material in the supply hose: EPDM
Supply hose dim: DN 13
Recommended maximum output: 0.35 kg O2 / m / t
Power connection: 230 V single-phase min. 10 A

NetOx Drum 300.

With NetOx on drum, oxygen delivery becomes simple, fast and safe. Here NetOx Drum 600.

Patented construction allows NetOx Net to deliver an equal amount of oxygen to any part of the fish cage.