Feed storage monitoring

Safe, easy and robust measurement of the amount of fish feed in stock. Laser measurement provides secure real-time data. Wireless transmission of measurements to your own website with a clear view of the feed level in the silos. No calibration.

It has never been easier to get updated information about the volume of feed in stock. xM Guardian level gauge sends measurements via GSM to database in the cloud. A dedicated homepage in the cloud organises data and stores statistical information. xM Guardian needs no calibration or service.

Technical data

Reading interval: Standard 10. min. Can be changed via SMS / Data
Alarms: Default per webpage, can be opened for mail / SMS notification
Measurement point: One per silo
Measuring range: 0.6 - 12vm
Connection: Meox Control cabinet, data bus, RS-485, API solution for connection to own system.
Measurement method: Laser
Accuracy Mass: Typically within 5% of silo volume
Dimensions: 300 x 150 x 220 mm

Safe, simple and robust design of the metering unit, which collects data through laser.

Accurate numbers and figures can be viewed on their own website with simple menus.