Oxygenation in closed sea cages

Closed cages need efficient and stable systems for adding oxygen on a regular basis. For this purpose, the NetOx hose diffuser is very well suited. When using pressurized oxygen, NetOx will work both for continuous oxygen supply and as emergency oxygenation. NetOx can be supplied with both self-produced and liquid delivered oxygen. NetOx is easy to regulate and can be built in all types of designs adapted to the geometry of the cage volume.

The system is delivered fully assembled and ready for use. The oxygen cabinet is connected to the oxygen source via the main supply hose. The diffusers are supplied from oxygen cabinets via manifolds that are mounted above water adjacent to the cabinets. From the manifolds, supply hoses go down into the bag and these are connected to the diffuser hoses. NetOx is the world's most widely used system for adding oxygen in fish farming, and has a simple construction that ensures an even supply of oxygen to the entire cage volume.

Technical data NetOx

NetOx material: EPDM
Opening pressure: 1 bar
Dimension/outer dim: DN 16/25
Material in supply hose: EPDM
Supply hose dim: DN 13
Recommended maximum extraction: 0.35 kg O2/m/h
Manifold material: AISI 316 acid-resistant steel

The device consists of a distribution cabinet, manifolds, supply hoses and NetOx patented diffuser hose.

Example of a control cabinet for adding oxygen