NetOx Pod for sea pens

The NetOx Pod is a compact diffuser specially developed for supplying large amounts of oxygen or air (circulation) in fish farms. Supplied for use with oxygen and air separately or in combination.


With the NetOx Pod diffuser, adding gas is easy, quick and safe. The compact “plate” of diffuser hoses provides a powerful flow of gas in the water column which pulls water into circulation.


NetOx Pod produces a “mist” of small gas bubbles which is quickly dissolved. The efficiency will depend on a number of factors but has been measured at over 80% for oxygen. The rate of rise of the bubbles is regulated by changing the working pressure in the diffuser hoses.


The NetOx Pod is powered by the gas pressure in the diffuser hoses - as long as there is pressure in the system, it will deliver gas. A unique patent for equalizing pressure in the diffuser hose ensures that the gas is evenly distributed over the entire diffuser surface.

• Easy to put out and take in for service and cleaning
• Compact solution provides good control
• Efficient and even effect at chosen depth
• Robust design
• Requires little maintenance
• Easy cleaning


We assist in choosing the model based on local conditions, such as biomass, temperature and water volume.

A milky cloud of small bubbles ensures effective dissolution