Measuring light intensity

Bio Marine offers control of light levels in aquaculture facilities. The offer applies to all types of facilities and a report is prepared with recommendations based on measurements at the facilities.

Ensuring and documenting that there is enough light for the biological stimuli is important; both for the fish's growth and health as well as to ensure the postponement of sexual maturation. Both in connection with the installation of new lights and after longer operating intervals, one should therefore measure the light level in tanks and cages in the facility.

- The need for light in a farm will vary, where factors such as water quality, quantity of fish, geometry and the depth of the farming volume are particularly important. Therefore, it can be an advantage to do a check and determine the intensity that is actually present in the tank or in the cage. It's a relatively simple check when you have a good light meter, says Svein Svengaard at Bio Marine, who, at the request of particular customers, performs a steady number of measurements of the brightness in aquaculture facilities.

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