Adding oxygen to ponds with NetOx

In soil ponds, in periods of high temperatures combined with high oxygen demand, it may be worthwhile to add pure oxygen, first and foremost to ensure good growth and feed utilization. Here we recommend adding pure oxygen with NetOx.

Experience shows that in certain periods of the year periodic oxygen deficiency may occur in ponds. If there is a lack of oxygen, an increase of only 5-10 % dissolved oxygen can result in more than 10 % improved growth. Adding oxygen to periods will therefore be profitable. NetOx is an effective diffusion system for oxygen supplementation as needed.

Oxygen generator

We supply generators of the type Oxymat, which are specifically adapted for oxygen addition through NetOx.
The generator provides adequate pressure and provides high capacity. The generator requires little maintenance and has a very long service life.

Technical data

NetOx material: EPDM
Opening pressure: <1 bar
Dimension / outer dim: DN 16/25
Material in the supply hose: EPDM
Supply hose dim: DN 13
Recommended maximum output: 0.35 kg O2 / m / h

Patented construction allows NetOx Net to deliver the same amount of oxygen to all parts of the pond.

We supply energy efficient oxygen generators for fish farming.