GasX - Compakt low pressure diffuser

GasX is used for both emergency oxygenation and additional supplementation of oxygen in fish tanks, wellboats, float pools and in a number of other areas. GasX releases gas already at 0.5 bar, which helps to provide fine bubbles in a controlled manner. Thus, avoiding a violent blowout that causes unfortunate fusion of the bubbles above the element. Efficient gas transfer is ensured in the whole water column. GasX fits all systems, which means that you can use proprietary oxygen from generator. GasX is an effective diffusion system for oxygen supplementation for farming tanks as needed.

Its hydrodynamic shape allows the bubbles to easily tear off the surface, and to a lesser extent melt with each other. This improves the gas transfer rate. GasX is heavier and more hydrodynamic than other diffusers and will not affect hydraulic conditions and self-cleaning properties of the tank. GasX can be mounted on a frame or attached to the bottom. GasX comes with two sets of quick couplings (8 and 10 mm in circumference) for connection to the supply hose. There are also four "rubber feet" for mounting so that the diffuser is stable without being attached. GasX is a robust and handy ceramic type diffuser, in a solid cast frame of anodized aluminum.

GasX models II, III og IV

GasX is heavier and more hydrodynamic than other diffusors. Thus, it does allows the flow of water to pass, while waste particles do not accumulate on the sides.

Technical data