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Bio Marine is a Norwegian company specializing in equipment and systems for environmental control in aquaculture, particularly focusing on sea cages.

So-called lice skirts for sea cages have efficiently demonstrated reduced attacks of sea lice and other parasites. However, there is a need to improve water exchange and oxygen conditions in the upper part of the cages influenced by the surrounding skirts. Bio Marine offers a variety of solutions for environmental control of cages and tanks: monitoring and logging, oxygen diffusors, pumps, lice skirts, tarpaulins and lighting systems. The company staff is highly qualified in aquaculture engineering with long work experience in fish farming and relevant educational background. Our available know-how provides support and guidance to our customers. Bio Marine is a sales and marketing company, owned by Bluefront Equity and OxyVision. Oxyvision is a global market leader of diffusers for aquaculture and the company’s products are employed in twelve countries to optimize the conditions in temperate and tropical aquaculture. Besides, the technology is used to improve environment conditions in lakes and for treatment of municipal and industrial effluent water.


Nils Hovden

Export sales manager

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Svein Kr. Svengaard

Sales cage farming Norway

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Sveinung N. Alvestad

Sales land based Norway

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Martin Gausen

Managing director

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Gaute Gordon

Technical manager

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Asbjørn Bergheim

Research manager

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Nina Eggen


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Stine Bøe


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Isak Sæterbø


Daniel Dahl-Brekstad


Hussein Mohammedzada


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