Aqualux light for fish tanks 600/2500 W

Aqualux is used for light control in all types of land-based facilities, and many farmers emphasize the importance of sufficient light in the deeper parts of the tanks, especially in RAS facilities with reduced light transmission due to increased colour and turbidity.
Light is an effective tool to control smoltification and sexual maturation. Proper use of light will provide benefits such as higher growth and better slaughter quality.

Artificial lighting results in shorter production cycle, low mortality, better fish health and extended feeding periods during the dark season. Aqualux has its own colour spectrum that is adapted to the fish's need.

In large tanks, it is common practise to install a light of the most powerful type (2500 W) in the centre of the tank, while other farmers prefer 3-5 smaller lights (600 W) placed in a planned pattern.

Installation of the light in hoistable devices is recommended, so that cables do not come into conflict with other operations. Aqualux has a built-in driver, which makes installation very easy. The lights are user-friendly and easy to handle.

Technical data

Input: 200-260 volts
Light type: LED
Radiation angle: 360 °
Operating temperature: -20 °C – +80 °C
Life expectancy: 50,000 hours
Enclosure: Acid-resistant steel, Suspension cover made of PEHD
Degree of protection: IP 68
Max depth: 100 m
Power factor: 0.95
Materials: POM + SMD + Acrylic
Standard cable: 50 m

A light of the most powerful type (2500 W) is usually placed in the centre of the tank.

An alternative to a powerful central light is 4-5 smaller fixtures like this (600 W).